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Golden Flower - An Introduction

By:Golden Flower
Date: Wed,26 Nov 2008
Submitter:Golden Flower

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Although the column has a small introduction of what the articles will be about, Occultism & Mysticism is such a large subject, I thought it might be appropriate to give a little insight into who I am and why I use the combination of the two terms to describe this column.

Combine Mysticism and Occultism and you’ll have the term used by some Golden Dawn offshoots who dub it ‘Illuminism’. But, that term can lead to a link with the New World Order and will open a whole can of conspiracy theories. For now, I’ll stick to the fact that both are leading to ‘enlightenment’ although the approach is achieved in different ways.
Mysticism would for example roughly describe religions such as: aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, New Thought and Sufism as where Occultism would be applied to Magic(k), Spiritualism, and Astrology.
You will find that some branches of Mystic Religions cross over into Occultism and vice-versa.

As TheSpiritGuides are predominantly a Spiritual orientated site, I would like to explain that Golden Flower is my Initiate’s name. Over time when the column develops, I will elaborate more on the purpose and the reason for the use of an alternative name when engaging into the ‘Great Work’. You’ll find that a lot of terminology and practises used might be new for some of you and some you’ll find very familiar indeed.
The path that led to my initiation has been one with lots of cross roads and junctions. And some of those paths were like very large roundabouts. You take a direction, thinking you are going forward, only to come to the realisation that you have been going in a full circle and missed a little exit along the way. And when it comes to the esoteric, it is often easy to miss the little side paths that lead you into a forward direction. At times I had to go round and round a couple of times before I finally found the slip road to the motorway. I started out when I was very young and due to my youthful lack of patience it made me frequently overlook these exits. But at a very early stage I discovered the Esoteric ‘Sat Nav’. which is the application of the Mystical Qabalah in combination with analytical psychology.

My country of origin is the Netherlands and although my family is predominantly Dutch their roots of origin is multi-cultural and here is one of the main influences that started my ‘enlightening’ journey. It was here that I was made familiar with Jewish Mysticism, Anthroposophy, Islam and Christianity but none of those were helping me with coming to terms with ‘things that go bump in the night’. There are no Spiritualist churches in the Netherlands.
I grew up in a remote village where alternative ways were more than just frowned upon. It was the purchase of Occult books and a DIY approach to a host of practises that brought understanding. Together with my brothers and sisters we learned a lot..., the hard way.

At the age of twenty-one, I moved to the UK and here I came in contact with Spiritualism, Theosophy and Ceremonial Magic. My path started out Mystical but from the moment I opened my first book on the Occult, I found that the Wisdom of one became the Foundation of understanding to working with the other.
I got involved and worked with Spiritualism, Theosophy and Ceremonial Magic(k) and found value in all but I also found that what I valued in one was lacking in either one or the other or both alternatives. I am now an initiate of a small Society that embraces the best of all of them and I will share some of these with you on the Spirit Guides Site.

Each week, I either will take you along on my journey of discovery, discuss current issues that may pop its head in the news or provoke thought by setting of spiritualist philosophy and its practises against that of the magician or theosophist.
Where possible, I’ll answer any questions you may have for me, through this column.

Golden Flower
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Ian said:

Good answer. To be continued......
Fri,28 Nov 2008,08:04:49 GMT

Golden Flower said:

As above so below, or... as it is Macro-cosmically, so it is Micro-cosmically. Therefore when speaking micro-cosmically, it can be applied macro-cosmically and vice-versa.

You just have to bear with me, when I'll explain more in articles to follow. Because:

If you have never seen a tree, you cannot see, feel or understand a tree, by answers based on in-depth questions about the workings of the atom that resides in a cell that belongs to a leaf that has fallen on the ground and blown away by the wind which by sheer coincidence has landed in the palm of your hand, so to speak.

You'll first have to learn what a tree is with all its branches, the trunk, twigs and leaves, roots etc. etc.

By comparing the concept that you are studying at the moment against a concept that is possibly very new to you, would be like comparing a tree against a tree.

For the sake of discussion, it might well be we talk about the same type of tree but...

Let's say that your tree is a young oak tree, a sapling and my tree is also an oak tree but a fully grown mature one.
My tree has its roots planted deeply and firmly in the ground.

Now there is a big storm and your oak tree has the risk to be blown away in the ground because it might not have matured enough to be able to survive such rough weather.

My tree however, is mature and well rooted and when it was just an acorn, it fell in good ground in a well sheltered position.

Who knows, your young sapling might well be the seed that has come of my mature tree and has had the luck to grow in the same favourable position. But in order to make sure that that is truly the case, we first have to ensure it is indeed the same tree, that can trace its ancestory back to the more mature one.

It could well be that my tree is an Oak and yours a Pine? It will mean that there will be similarities but also many differences.

For now, judging by the information you've given so far, I think we are talking about the same breed of tree but let's find out if yours has taken root or will take root...or has been planted in a rocky kind of ground which might reduce the succes to grow?

Only by studying both to the full and in depth, we would truly be able to compare acurately... so I'll start with the seed of mine in the next articles and you can compare it against the seed of yours?

Golden Flower
Thu,27 Nov 2008,16:39:50 GMT

Ian said:

I'm still little a unsure what you mean. I'm having trouble trying to unify both concepts. Are you talking about the overrall polarity of each world or the polarity of the individual soul. If somebody is service-to-others why does negative polarity come into play?
Thu,27 Nov 2008,15:06:46 GMT

Golden Flower said:

Hello Ian,

You'll find that service to others takes manifestation through the negative and the service of the self is achieved through the positive. This has to do with the polarity of each world.

Look at it from a micro-cosmic persepective as taught at some of the 'mystery schools':

For example, the male physical body in this world (4th: Assiah - World of Action/Matter) is naturally negative as the female physical body is naturally positive. However, if we look at the 'emotional' body (3rd: Yetzirah - World of Formation), The female emotional body is negative and the male positive.

If you replace negative with 'receptive' and positive with 'insertive' it probably would make it easier to apply or understand how 'polarity' works.

A mundane example is to look at a battery. It has a negative (receptive) and a positive (insertive) side in order to create a conduit for energy.

Golden Flower
Thu,27 Nov 2008,14:40:46 GMT

Ian said:

My point of reference is the Law of One so please bear with me while I try to marry both concepts together.

The Law of One describes how people choose each path depending on their intentions/actions by either being of service to others (positive) or extremely service to self(negative). This is a very loose example.

Their concept states that the current world/period of 3rd density that we live in is essentially a school for people to choose (through their dominant actions) which path they would like to take going forward. So if you choose a positive path then you would ascend to a higher vibration positive experience at the and of the great cycle opposed to a higher negative vibration experience, although this sounds nonsensical so most. Their is of course the potential to remain where you are, indifferent.

Is there any relation to this within your mystical research?
Thu,27 Nov 2008,10:55:47 GMT

Golden Flower said:

Hello Ian from Kent,

Thank you for interacting with the article! I wish I would be able to give a very quick answer to your question but it depends on the understanding of the individual when it comes to polarity, negative and positive etc.

When we talk ‘negative’, there will be some readers who would link this with ‘evil’ and positive with ‘good’. If we talk about the difference between for example ‘transcendence’ and ‘immanence’, the answer is, yes.

When we talk about ‘extremes’, you are actually setting boundaries for when the extreme positive or negative crosses over into ‘the dark’ side which is represented by the opposite of the tree of life known as the Qliphoth. As long as the extremist doesn’t cross over the boundary, the answer is ‘Yes’ too. As I already stated in my introduction, the subject at hand is massive and cannot be explained in one article. I hope that the readers of the Essex (and the other counties) Spirit Guide will follow the column and these subjects will be discussed in more depth.

Golden Flower
Thu,27 Nov 2008,10:10:44 GMT

Ian said:

Does this mean that the both extremes of negative and positive have the potential to evolve independently upwards through the awareness of intelligent infinity (spiritual/Magik practices) where eventually they both come into balance. So despite somebody taking the negative polarity route of enlightenment, there will come a time in their chosen direction to come back into balance to return to unity and love?

Just to let you know that your article is viewed across all sites within the UK not just Essex.
Thu,27 Nov 2008,08:40:27 GMT
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