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My story: The Holographic Universe Theory: Egypt: Mind experiment:

Date: Fri,05 Apr 2024
Submitter:barbara Neville

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My story: The Holographic Universe Theory: Egypt:
Mind experiment:

I went on holiday with my family to Egypt, it was lovely and reminded me of the year spent in Bahrain in the 1969-1970 with my husband, it brought back good positive memories.

I recall that we stayed at an all-inclusive place, it was crowded and very hot, I love the heat and all I really wanted to do was to swim in the red sea.

This body of water has the deepest channel that goes right down into the depths of earth and the plates were separating making the sea bigger and are cutting the landmass into two.

I went to the beach every day, there were not many people there most of these holiday makers wanted to stay in the hotels, this was good for me, I went swimming in the warm sea and snorkeled looking at the sea life, then laid on a sun bed for as long as I wanted, thinking about how I would set up my model here.

I took the book ‘Butterflies Are Free to Fly’ by Steve Davis and worked the model of the holographic universe with myself as the object to change.

There were things that I had to face to change my mind, self, my muscle memory, and the brains hard wiring.

I called upon my spiritual friends to guide me.

“I know these theories are out there, I am going to see if I can make this one work for me in my life, just to prove it can be done, there is nothing to lose. Maybe guys! I wonder if I have watched too much Star Trek” (!)

I set about constructing my own holographic version to change this life path.

“It’s time to change, I am thinking to myself, and I am going to use the holographic theory to do this, I have had enough of this set path; the health issues, depression, and the deep loss I feel about my hubby.

“The Holograph theory is the way I am going with this, over the last two years I have been looking at this theory and learning about is as far as I can, I have read and re-read Michael Talbots book on this subject and previously, when I was studying the quantum universe theory by reading David Bohn and Karl Primbrams books on how this theory interacts with the physical body.

There were other methods on how to alter my beliefs using Dr Jo Despenza and other scientist that back this up, I did lots of research and concluded that in the world of energy, before it becomes matter {see the Max Plank institute}, anything can be changed or re-created, this was my thinking and why I want to do this.

My guides agreed because they knew that as a human being, I held the frequencies to do anything that I decided to do and it would succeed, the power of thought, backed by the heart/brain coherence and deep universal love is exactly how to alter things.

After watching the holographic universe workshop videos and the CDs of ‘What the bleep down the rabbit hole’, loads of times, then adding to it what the early physicist were proving about the brain, I knew I could change the direction of my hologram, making my life different.

Going Within to find out about Mindful Focus:

I did meditations going into the measurable energy called the plank measurement, it’s made up of non-physical shimmering, string like energy wavelets, this is where I can consciously put my thoughts into how I want my life, using mindful focus, imagination and creating in detail, what I want in my new life, then keep remembering the new rules and see how life will change and I will be able to exist in a more contented way.

I set up the model using the Steve Davies methods and all the others that I had learned about, surly it would be better to attack this on more than one level, to get a result.

“To begin”:
“Remember, who you are, where you are and what you are here for.” Her mentors say.
The following script is me’ thinking through questions and getting answers through non-local awareness from my higher self in the form of my friendly guides.

These are the guidelines for the bases to set up a model of my own Holographic Theory before it can become the actual theory, I must set up a model and work for a long period of time… until it has worked; I am adopting this model into my life now.

These are the rules of thought:
*I am a hologram, living in my holographic life, in a holographic made-up world and universe. ?
*I have no control or power over anything on the outside of me. ?
*I can only change my own perceptions, and then see how it affects the others in my life.
*My power is within. Everything is correct. There is no right or wrong. And no judgment!
*I live my holographic life in accordance with my beliefs and upbringings that have not been my truths.
*All the people in my life are part of my hologram and I am a part of theirs.
*We all came together in the pre- birth state, to set out the sort of life I want to experience.
*In this holographic world, I have written the script and I have invited all the people into my own personal program of my life.
Ok. This is my perception of the way it works:
Yes! I understand that I am living in the holographic world, I know it’s a holographic drama, that I am part of.
And as the things happen, people come and go, and other players come into our life drama.

It’s the experiences we have, that gives us our beliefs, opinions, teachings and the collective information from our parents, school, society, government, ancestors and collective consciousness, the electric impulses in our brain records these and recalls them to create a reality.

The brain projects these images through the visual cortex, and we believe that these things are real and outside of us, our reality world! ?

As I began to consider what I was doing I realized there were things I still had to understand:

I needed to pin-point what I wanted to alter from my life path and to decide how to change the original plan, I looked at the way a holograph works, a beam of light is focused onto mirrors that reflected round a set of other mirrored points creating the image in three D.

To alter this, I must move the first mirror a fraction so that the light hits the mirror at a different angle, this will modify the outcome, this is the way I understood it.
I was not sure if it was correct, but I thought I would do it anyway.

I went into the deep open focus mediation and actively imagined that I was altering the first light… moving it slightly to one side so that it changed its whole reflection.

I asked for the relief of my ‘poor me’ thoughts that created the emotional depression and to end the need to cry, I asked for a way to deal with my health issues. I asked for my confidence to be stronger.

If this works, I will become more balanced in life without all the sadness that I have felt since I was a child, something I never understood.

I did this meditation a few times to establish the new beam of light and stopped when it felt right and proceeded to alter my thought on these matters by putting stickers up to remind me.

There are quite a few things that I have learnt... first I realized that I have many ‘parts’ I am a field of informational light with multi dimensions.

I also understand.
*The powerful effects of thought,
* Old world view.
* Where spirituality and science start to mix.
* The importance of evidence and science or not.
*And key points for changing our reality and the methods.
* There is no set reality.
*We live in a totally connected world. ?
*Consciousness is the basis of everything physical ?
*We create our own reality through our given beliefs and opinions. ?
*Meditation is the key to change our perspective. ?
*Meditation can help me, to get in touch with the true being.
*Practice meditation to be in the flow of our universe. ?
*Know that my perceptions are acted out through my nervous system. ?
*Know that my brain and nervous system restricts the frequency/vibration of my life. ?
*I cannot visually or see the Quantum field because everything in it moves at the speed of light.
*Our beliefs are hard wired in our brains. ?
*To change a belief that’s hard wired, we change our thoughts.

I kept reminding myself of these things by re-reading and going over it time and time again, using stickers that I place everywhere that I was going stand, on the mirror in the bathroom and kitchen on the corner of the tv, until I could feel the changes inside of me as a truth, I am experimenting on myself to see if I can change things in my life.

One of the papers with the SNU course was on biology, I learnt about the biology of my body, how we are made up.

Using the quantum theories and applying this to the physical body gave me quite amazing results of how I can be conscious of thinking in the right way, to alter the hard wiring in the brain, that holds all my given beliefs.

I used some of Dr Joes techniques to help me to become balanced, for better functioning.

It worked and showed me how powerful the effects of thoughts are on the physical body; we are WHAT WE THINK! WE ARE! ?

Learning about the body systems of nerves, organs and all the interactions helped me to be more caring about how I treated my body.
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