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The Keys To Hypnotic Success - How To Be Truly Happy & Healthy in Life

By:Dr Jonathan Royle
Date: Wed,28 Jan 2015
Submitter:Dr. Jonathan Royle

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By: Dr. Jonathan Royle –

As is well known within the Psychotherapy world “We are all products of our environment” or to be more accurate:

“We are all products of our environment, unless we are given the tools and opportunities to positively expand beyond the confines of our direct environment”

You see to function Positively, Happily and Harmoniously in life (on all levels) we need to as human beings (especially as we are growing up) to feel:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

If there is a lacking of or disruption in any of those 7 Positive Pillars then it will most likely lead to that individual suffering a negative impact on their:

Self-Confidence,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Image  and/or Self-Control (Willpower)

And sadly when there is a disruption or negative impact on one or more of those 4 vitally important Foundations of “Self-Worth” then this can and often does regretfully lead to the individual feeling…

Negativity, Trapped, Worthless, Like A Failure, Angry, Resentful, Frightened,

And even more depressing is the very real fact that when one or more of those 7 Negative Pillars is in place that it can often lead in one or more ways to the individual going into


And that combined with negative environmental factors can be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak and can lead to a downward spiral which could include things as extreme as them turning to a life of:

Crime, Self-Harming, Drugs, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence, Prostitution, Homelessness or even worse in extreme cases Suicide…

These are most always destructive behaviours and actions that manifest themselves either as an extreme reaction to or negative result of the Emotional impact of what has been going on in and/or lacking in their life’s.

Often for example Youngsters can get involved with a “bad crowd” as this gives them a sense of belonging and despite the negative consequences of such “gang culture” can help to fulfil the gaps they may feel inwardly in those 7 Positive Pillars and those 4 vitally important Foundations of “Self-Worth” which I mentioned earlier.

And once the downward spiral starts it can and often does lead to a lifetime of destruction which negatively impacts not just the individual, but also their family, friends and even often many members of the community as a whole (in the instances of crime etc.)


But the great news is that when an individual is helped to discover ways to expand their horizons, try new things, gain a sense of achievement, given a chance to grow as a person and starts to realize that there are better options available for them and that a brighter future is a possibility for them then this can work wonders in helping them to positively impact and develop their:

Self-Confidence,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Image  and/or Self-Control (Willpower)

And when they grow in these areas, the 4 vitally important Foundations of “Self-Worth” they can then start to feel a sense of:

Positivity,  Personal Freedom,  Positive Self-Worth,  Success,  Courage, Achievement,  Happiness

And perhaps not surprisingly as a positive side effect of these beneficial changes they will finally be able to learn to LOVE THEMSELVES and of course gain SELF-RESPECT 

This can lead to a whole new perspective and positive approach to life, can help the individual to gain a whole new positive support and positive social network and so ultimately can also lead them in the long term to a more Positive Environment  and thus consequently help them to gain the 7 Positive Pillars in their life’s of positively feeling:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

Now fortunately for the majority of people, a lacking in one or more of the Positive Pillars does not usually lead to such negative results as the few examples given earlier, however it is my experience that this is always without doubt or exception the Ultimate under lying reason and cause that people develop Bad Habits, Addictions and other personally Negative and also Self Destructive Behaviours.

A lack or imbalance in one or more of the Seven Positive Pillars will always in some way lead to some kind of less than beneficial behaviour and/or thought patterns and thus it is true to say that a lacking or imbalance in one of these area’s starts to lead the person away from Pleasure and sets them on the road towards Pain.

Therefore it is also true to note that doing therapeutic work in order to enable the lacking or imbalances in those areas to be eliminated so that the person feels fully 100% Positive and Complete in the areas of:

Self-Confidence,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Image  and/or Self-Control (Willpower)

Will then ultimately mean that any previous lacking or imbalances in the following Seven Positive Pillars will set themselves right and thus enable the person to be the Perfect Them:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

It is with this model that I created (as outlined above) that I formulated my creation of “Complete Mind Therapy” and is exactly what the “Non Specific Treatment Script” which is included in my book “The Encyclopedia of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis & Complete Mind Therapy” by Jonathan Royle which is available from all major online book retailers deals with so effectively.

In a nutshell it is my belief and experience, based on my almost 26 years working as a Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner at time of writing this (Jan 2015) that when you consider the above and put things right in those areas that everything else will fall positively and permanently into place for your clients.

If you think deeply about this, you will, I am sure also realise that offering a person the chance to be the centre of attention and creating an On Stage environment where they feel:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

Is also the True Key Motivating Secret of how and why a Successful Stage Hypnosis show works and when you bear this in mind I am sure your shows will become more successful, just as your results with therapy sessions will also.

To fully understand this further consider that one end of the scale is Pain (lacking or imbalances in these areas) and the other end of the scale is Pleasure (balance and completeness in these areas) and then consider when reading about “Pain and Pleasure” therapy in my book (mentioned earlier) in the section about Complete Mind Therapy how this can be used to so easily help the client to make changes in their life in a manner that proves far more successful than you may ever have thought possible.

Consider that the negative end of this scale can also be called “Out of Control” and the positive end termed “Self-Control” and perhaps things become even clearer for you?

And then consider that the negative end can be termed as “Trapped” and the Positive end as “Freedom”

Or indeed it could be “Unhappy or Depressed” at the Negative End and HAPPY & JOYFUL at the positive end.

Or perhaps you'd like to consider that one end of the scale is Stressed/Anxious and/or Tense, whereas the other end of the scale is Relaxed, Calm and Positive.

In all cases however the route from one end of the scale to the other is through and by dealing with the personal attributes and feelings that I have repeated several times during this short article.

And now I have to say that without doubt to understand this fully and the sheer possibilities of what I have just taught you, right now you would be wise to go to your local bookstore and order a copy of the excellent book Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life by Maxwell Maltz.

Also consider that in life FAILURE occurs because of:

F – rustration

A – ggressiveness

I – nsecurity

L – oneliness

U – ncertainty

R – esentment

E –mptiness

And as you should by now realise all of those things relate back to what I have discussed already. Then at the other end of the scale SUCCESS in life occurs due to the following:

S – ense of direction

U – nderstanding

C – ourage

C - almness

E – steem

S – elf – Confidence

S – elf - Acceptance

Again I am sure you can see how that all relates back to the Positive Pillars I mentioned before.

Read Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life by Maxwell Maltz and consider it in light of what I have discussed in this article and I feel certain that on all levels you will become a far better Psychological Mind Therapy Practitioner.

The following are Six Further Books that I also consider vitally important to your success in Hypnosis and would say that you should read as soon as possible:

01) They Call It Hypnosis by Robert A. Baker.

02) If This Be Magic – The Forgotten Power of Hypnosis by Guy Lyon Playfair.

03) Monsters & Magical Sticks – There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis by Steven Heller.

04) Bad Medicine: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Distance Healing to Vitamin O (Wiley Bad Science Series) by Christopher Wanjek.

05) Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine by Edzard Ernst & Simon Singh.

06) Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials) by Robert B. Cialdini.

And of course it goes without saying that I would recommend you take a closer look at my “Encyclopedia of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Complete Mind Therapy” series of books that are available from all major book retailers.

Our time together for this short article is almost at an end, but before we part company allow me to just draw your attention back to the Key Pillars that we mentioned earlier of:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

If there is a lacking of or disruption in any of those 7 Positive Pillars then it will most likely lead to that individual suffering a negative impact on their:

Self-Confidence,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Image  and/or Self-Control (Willpower)

At this point I suggest you get a dictionary and closely examine the meaning of all the words that are in bold text, as then you will start to fully realise that although at first site they seem like very similar emotional states and/or feelings, in actual fact they are all very different indeed.

Perhaps one of the most important points to remember is that these are all Emotions and that means Energy in Motion, which is E-Motion.

All Emotions have a feeling connected to them for Human beings and that feeling moves in a certain direction.

If that direction is the wrong one, then the feelings the person will be experiencing will be negative and our job is to help them change the direction of those feelings so that the e-motion (energy in motion) starts to move in the opposite and therefore positive direction.

In other words we take them from where they are now to the opposite end of the scale, we help them to Change Things To The Opposite...

And that is why so often Talking Therapies and Psychological Mind Treatments and Therapy approaches are referred to as “Change Work”

Ultimately however the individual must be ready for change to take place.

In my opinion and experience based on all I have seen and done with clients over the past almost 26 years, they all already have the solution to all of their problems within them, its just that either they don't realise that, or more often than not, they have come to realise that but are now scared to make the changes for themselves.

You see when (if they have) they come to realise that all they need is within them, they will also on an unconscious level at least realise that they could now make those changes they desire for themselves and indeed will also come to realise deep down that they always could of done.

In other words they come to realise that they only have themselves to blame for not having made the changes sooner, but this realisation is in itself painful as to admit such to them selves and others who may say “why did you not do it sooner?” would make them feel silly and perhaps also guilty for not having done so sooner.

However if they have to come to see a therapist such as us, then they can use their treatment and time spent with us as their reason and excuse for now being able to make those changes.

That means that all blame is removed from them for not having been able to make the changes for themselves sooner on their own.

It means they can leave behind any guilt that could have played on their mind about not having made the changes sooner, as the treatment with us the therapist proves that they could not do it on their own, although as we both know in truth they actually could have done so!

Therefore it is my experience that any drawn out, Ritualistic Process, to which a sense of importance is attached and which is delivered by the therapist to the client in a manner that displays and transmits the intent that this always work and will work for them, will ultimately become so believable for the client that it can be their Focus and Catalyst for change.

The Ritualistic Process is the Trigger Point that sets off the Placebo Process and also gives them Permission to change and also an excuse and reason to change in a manner whereby they can feel good about themselves and not have to dwell on the very real fact that they could have made those changes sooner if they'd really wanted too.

This I have found is made even easier if you get them to imagine images of change occurring and the more bizarre, comical and/or ridiculous and abstract these images are the more positive impact they will have, as my experience confirms that the unconscious/subconscious mind reacts most rapidly to outrageous images and symbolism.

As the saying goes “What the Mind of Man Can Perceive and Believe, It can Achieve” and indeed that is very much the case with the Client and Therapist scenario.

We merely provide an environment whereby they can Believe that change is possible and create the expectation that the ritual we carry out with them will work and as a result the changes can and will take place.

For now my final thought for you to ponder is the very real fact that Emile Coue who coined the phrase “Every Day in Every Way I am Getting Better and Better” discovered that if we repeat such positive affirmations (suggestions) to ourselves at least 3 times in a row on three occasions each day so that it becomes an important ritual and also includes the repetition factor that helps things to bypass the Critical Faculty and thus ultimately enter the unconscious directly then extremely positive and permanent life changing results can and will occur.

This illustrates not only the power of ritual and repetition, but also highlights how important Suggestions of a positive nature are in our work.

Our time together is now at an end but you may wish to participate in a “Virtual” online treatment video session that I have put together at as this session is designed to specifically deal with all the emotional pillars mentioned in this article.

I'm sure you'll both enjoy it and also find it very beneficial, indeed I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this article and the virtual online
session and can be contacted on [email protected]

(c) 2015 - Dr. Jonathan Royle
Creator of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT)
Creator Of Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT)
Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Practitioner
Master Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP & Psychological Persuasion

For live Hypnosis Training –

For Home Study Hypnosis and NLP Training Products –

For Home Study Holistic Healing Products -

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