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The Obsession / Spirit Attachment

By:Spirit Guide.
Date: Tue,14 Oct 2008
Submitter:E Rossi

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“And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him certain man, kneeling down to him, and saying:
Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatic, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water.

And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him.
Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? Bring him hither to me.
And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour.” - (Matthews, Chap. 17, 14-18).

9.0 - What is Obsession?
The obsession is a species of disease of psychic and emotional order that consists of a constant of the activities of a Spirit for the action of one another one. Maleficent influence of a obsessor Spirit can even though affect the mental life of a person, modifying its emotions and reasoning, arriving to reach its physical body. The influence spiritual alone is qualified as obsession when a constant disturbance is observed. If verified influence is only sporadically, it will not be characterized as an obsession.

The Spirits bad and imperfect only provokes obsessions, intervening with the will of the individual, making with that it has actions of agent against principal to its natural desire.

The obsession alone if installs in the mind of the patient when the obsessor finds weaknesses moral that can be explored. They are weak points that, of course, all we have, for the imperfection that in characterizes them. In this way, one concludes that all we are citizens to the obsession.
The illnesses of the body flesh time alone if reveal when structural fragilities or lacks in the physical organism exist. In the psychic area similar thing happens. The individuals weakened morally, with feeds of character, vices etc, they will be more citizens to the obsession.

The obsessor Spirit, knowing the weaknesses moral of the patient, goes to the few getting access to its mental area, arriving in some cases to dominate it. If the obsession if to intensify, and will not be treated spiritual in skillful time, will occur an affinity increase the fluidics between obsessor and obsessed, what it will be able to cause the aggravation of the disease.
Obsessions in the period of infancy are rare. Generally, the influences are initiated enter the seven and ten years of age, when the personality of the child starts to unclasp. After this period already it is possible that more preoccupying obsessive influences occur.

Some supporter of the Spiritism used to say that all the people are obsessed, but this is not truth. All we receive influences good spirituals and bad that, in accordance with ours will exempts, can in directing them for the Good or Evil.
The obsession is characterized by a disease with sufficiently perceivable signs. It is only obsessed, in the Real meant of the word, that one that is psychologically ill because of influences minus spirituals, or if it made prisoner of existing morbid thoughts in its privacy.

Below, we will cite some teachings of Allan Kardec on the subject, found in the Espírita Magazine, year of 1858, month of October:
- The Spirits is not equal nor in being able, nor in knowledge, nor in wisdom. As they do not pass of souls disentangled human beings of its corporal pack, still they present a bigger variety that the one that we find between men in the Land. He has, therefore, Spirits very upper, as he has them very inferior; very good and very bad, very wise and very ignorant, he has frivolous, malevolent, lying, sly, hypocritical, witty, mocking the etc.
- incessantly we are surrounded by a cloud of Spirits that, nor for being invisible to our material eyes, leave to be in the space, around of us, to our side, watching our acts, reading our thoughts, some stops in them making the good, others stops in them making the evil, according to Spirits good or bad.

- For the physical and moral inferiority of our globe, in the hierarchy of the worlds, the Spirits inferior is more numerous here than the superiors.
- Between that in they surround them, it has the ones that if bind we, who act more particularly on our thought, advising to us, and whose impulse we follow without in perceive them; happy if to listen to the voice of the good ones.

- The Spirits Is leagued inferior to that they hear them, together to which they have access and to which if they grasp. If to obtain to establish domain on somebody, are identified with its proper Spirit, fascinate it, obsidian it, overwhelmed it and they lead it as if she was one child.
- The obsession just happens from inferior Spirits. Good Spirits does not cause troubles; they advise, they fight the influence of bad ones and if they move away, since that they are not heard.
- The degree of constraint and the nature of the effect that produce make the difference between obsession, subjugation and fascination.
- For his will the man can always shake the yoke of the Spirits imperfect, because in virtue of his free will, he has choice between the good and evil. If constraint arrived the point to paralyze the will and if the glamour is so great that it obliterates the ratio, then the will of one-third person can substitute it.

“Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.
Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.” - (Matthews, Chap 5, 25-26).
Basically, the obsession has four causes: the moral, the relative ones to the past, the contaminations and the psychic ones.

a) The moral causes
The obsessions of moral causes are those provoked by the misconduct of the individual in the daily life. When walking of badly with the life and the people, we will be synchronizing our thoughts with the Spirits inferior and attracting them it stops close to us. Of this interchange of influences an obsession could be born.
Mundane vices, as cigarette, drink in excess, culture of the pride, egoism, the defamation, violence, avarice, unhealthy sensuality and luxury will be able to bind to us entities to it unhappy spirituals that, exactly discarnate, had not become detached of materials pleasures.
This Spirits the “livings creature” are leagued to it stop to satisfy its desires primitive, treating the people as if they were the extension of its interests in the material plan.

b) The causes relating to the past
The relative obsessions to the past are that proceeding from the evolution process the one that all the Spirits are citizens. In its Reincarnatory experiences, for ignorance or it exempts will, one entity can commit serious lacks in damage of the next one. If the disagreement between them to generate hatred, the misunderstanding will be able to last for incarnations the wire, blunting in the disaffections, fight, desires of revenge and persecution. Cases thus can give to origin the tenacious obsessive processes.
Disincarnate, evildoer and victim continue to feed the feelings of one rancor stop with the other. If one incarnates, the other can chase, tormenting it and vice versa.

c) The contaminations
The obsessive contaminations generally happen when a person goes often or simply passes for environments where the inferior influence of Spirits predominates. Strange Sects, where the ritualism and the mysticism are present; primitive places of fetishism, where it practices low magic; quacks and same Spiritists centers badly guided that are focus where can appear obsessive contaminations. Low Spirits, attach to the place where the person frequent or visited, involved its mental life, harming it. Situations also occur where the magnetic irradiations coming from these environments, cause to it fluidics upheavals. The gravity of the cases will be in the direct ratio of the tuning that the inferior Spirits to establish with the patients.

d) Psychic Cause or self-obsession
The psychic obsessions are caused by a morbid influence resident in the mind of the patient. Because of behavior vices, it cultivates of unhealthy form thoughts that cause disequilib

rium in its emotional area.
Many auto-obsessive trends are proceeding from on unhappy experiences to the last lives of the patient. Anguish, depression, unexplainable paranoia or lacks can be part of processes auto-obsessive.
Auto-obsesses used to close itself in its negatives thoughts and does not find forces to leave this embarrassing situation. This mental thread attracts unhealthy Spirits that synchronized in the same psychic band; they aggravate its spiritual illness.
The fluidtherapy, wide used in the Spiritists houses, can be used as to assist in the handling of self-obsessions. The best therapy, however, is the re-education through the awareness of its males and consequent change of position.

The obsession presents features that can point out it in the gravity degree that it is proper. It has three degrees of gravity: Simple obsession, Fascination and Subjugation.
a) Simple obsession
It is a type of influence that, of subtle form, embarrasses the person to practice acts or to have different thoughts of that generally it possess. The obsesses one, to the times, nor perceives what it is occurring to it. In others, they have conscience of the harmful influence, but it does not obtain to get rid itself of it. This type of obsession is very common and can be aggravated, depending on the nature of the involved behind Spirit and the moral disposals of the patient.
b) Fascination
Allan Kardec said, in “The Gospel according to Spiritism”, that the fascination is the worse type of obsession. Its sense of reality is about an illusion provoked for a hypocritical Spirit that dominates the mind of the patient, distorting. The obsessor Spirit plans well destructive attentive its very and searches to involve the individual in well prepared mental cunnings.
The gates of input for the glamour, as always, are the moral feeds. It is in the pride of its victim who the hypocritical Spirit finds the food to fascinate it to it personality.
It stops to obtain its domain, the naughty entity exalt the vanity of the obsess one, making to feel itself it infallible and self-confident. The illusion is so great that the fascinated one acquires a huge blindness, what it does not allow to perceive ridicule it of certain actions that practices.
Doctrines absurd, contradictory ideas, ostensive impracticable theories can be deriving of the action of mediums or not, that they are under the empire of the glamour. The fascinated person hardly accepted its condition of patient, what she makes it difficult the cure of the obsessive process. Generally she annoys you with the critical ones and the people who do not participate of its admiration and move away themselves from who want that she can open the eyes to it.
Of simple and the ignorant one, to the intellectual and scholar, all they can be victims of the glamour.
c) Subjugation

The subjugation can be moral or corporal. In the moral case, the obsessor Spirit acquires fort domain on the psychism of the individual, taking it to take it contrary decisions to its desire. In the glamour it has an illusion. In the subjugation, the patient has conscience of that she happens to it.
In the corporal subjugation, besides exerting the psychic domain, the obsessor reaches the part the perispiritual fluidics of the sick person. It dominates its body physical e, to the times, in a similar crisis to the epilepsy, shoots it tothe soil. As the obsess one is almost always without the energies necessary to dominate or to repel the bad Spirit, it lacks of the intervention of one third person with moral ancestry on it, to assist it to leave it the difficult situation.

The obsessions, in a general mode, do not present gravity. They are easy to be treated for the Spiritist methodology. In a small number of cases it only has factors that they facilitate the degeneration of the process, culminating in the glamour or subjugation. In almost all the obsessive processes exist two involved parts. Only in the auto-obsession, the individual torments it exactly itself. Thus, we can have the following cases of obsessive situation:
a) Discarnate to incarnate.
b) Incarnate to Discarnate.
b) Discarnate to Discarnate.
c) Incarnate to incarnate.
d) Reciprocal obsession
e) Self-obsession.
9.4 - The Obsession Treatment

"When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.
And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.
Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first." - (Luke, Chap.11, 24 - 26).
The obsession, as all the diseases, can be cured through specialized handlings. To treat this disease spiritual, some therapeutically procedures are necessary:

a) Conscientization
The patient of the patient situation must itself be acquired knowledge where if he finds, so that, with its force of will, he can help itself in the cure. No handling will occasion effect if not to count on the will of who needs it.

b) Re-education
She is necessary to guide the attended one on the necessity of improvement of its behavior in the daily life. That if it strengthens to prevent the vices coarsest and that looks for to control its bad trends. Without this change of position and vision, hardly he will be free of the bad influences, that premake use to the obsessive processes. Important to remember that the good come examples of who minister the instruction is one of the great weapons in the fight against the obsession.

c) Evangelization
To emphasize always to the patient the necessity to observe moral educations of the Jesus’ Gospel, safe script for release of males of the Spirit. To guide the necessity of the regular frequency to the Spiritist house, until its disease is cured or is under control. To stimulate the habit of prayer, the most powerful aid in the handling of obsesses.

d) Interchange spiritual
To morally guide the obsessor Spirit in the mediunic meetings, evoking it in mediums prepared for this task, advising it to follow it another path that not it of the revenge, the lie or the inferior pleasures. This work of clarification must be made by people with experience and knowledge of espírita science, in order to reach the waited results.

e) Fluidtherapy
To submit the carrying patient of the obsession to an fluidic-energy handling, through the pass. They are moments where the lost energies for the action of the disease spiritual, could be restituted and the obsesses one, being free of the bad fluid of that it was impregnated, it will be able to think and to take decisions with bigger freedom. The fluidic water is also a powerful feature in the handling of the obsessions.

f) Equilibrium familiar
Always that possible, the responsible team for the handling of the patient will have to guide its morally family who, in many cases, is involved direct or indirectly in problematic the obsessive one. Moreover, the bracket and the understanding of familiar in the process of cure of the this serious disease spiritual are basic.

g) Medical Treatment
In the cases where the obsessive process to present itself with serious psychic compromise, the patient will have to receive assistance from a qualified professional, who will expend it the necessary cares.
It is important to emphasize that we cannot intervene with medical lapsing, neither to suspend medicines for personal account.

h) Moral Elevation
To obtain good results in the Disobsession tasks, she is necessary that the attendance team has moral ancestry on the obsessor Spirit and this is only possible cultivating a healthy moral life. Speech without exemplification changed into written promise that has not been kept. Jesus he banished bad the Spirits only with the use from its moral authority. He said that we could make the same.

“The true Spiritist can be recognized by their moral transformation and by the efforts they employ in order to dominate their bad instincts.” - (Allan Kardec The Gospel according to Spiritism, Chap. XVII, item 4).
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