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Connecting With the Star Beings

By:Karen Bishop
Date: Wed,29 Oct 2008

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A rule of energy states that we connect with energies that are vibrating where we are vibrating. Thus, when we are just beginning to open and expand, we may find ourselves connecting to just about anything in the non-physical world. But as we progress in our growth process, we find that we begin connecting to higher vibrating and much more advanced non-physical beings the more we advance ourselves.

At the lower levels of the dimensional hierarchies, it can be easy to connect to our deceased loved ones who are many times at the next dimensional level above us. If we can know how easily accessible they are to us, this can bring great relief and comfort during times of their parting.

When my grandmother passed away at age 97, I was not as prepared as I thought. Although we knew for awhile that she was on her way to the other side, at age 52, I still had never really experienced the loss of a loved one before. So then, when I received the news, I was grief stricken none-the-less. My grandmother and I had a special bond like no other. The following day I was in a restaurant having breakfast with a friend. Very suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, I burst into tears. Feeling uncomfortable in public in this state of being, I went out towards the car. While standing there, I felt a hand upon my shoulder…the hand of my grandmother. She proceeded to tell me that I was the strongest person she knew, and certainly within the entire family, and thus she knew I would be fine. And she was so happy! Each and every soul whom I have spoken with from the other side, usually at the request of a relative, is always so happy!

After that, I never experienced a sad moment again. And I cannot tell you how often I talk to my grandmother now. It is like she never left. She is with me always.

There are other dimensional levels and other realities that we can connect to as well. When I used to frequent the ancient sites here in the Southwest, I frequently spoke to the ancients who were no longer in physical form. Their energies were fairly easy to discern. The Mogollons, for instance, were a more pristine, innocent, pure, and original energy than the Anasazi who had succumbed to the lower vibrating energies of power and the like. I preferred connecting, then, to the more original and pristine ancients.

Many groups of ancients have touched the earth in times past. They arrived at different times and for various reasons. Being that I have spent the most time with the Mogollon culture, I grew then, to know more of their ways. They indeed lived in harmony with the earth and the cosmos. They indeed lived a very clean, clear, and pristine existence. They knew how to set up their communities in alignment with specific energies. They knew what to put where. They created illusion for unwanted visitors…this was their non-violent defense mechanism. They knew how to place grinding slicks in alignment with the equinox, solstice, and energies of the sun and moon. And they ground things dear to them, specific stones and the like, when the alignments were just so, in order to wear and utilize these aligned substances all the time. These are but a few of their ways…the ways that our present day culture has now forgotten.

My connection to the ancients was only meant to be brief. Although I enjoyed this time immensely, this was not my passion or area of expertise. Their ways of utilizing and living with alignments will always be a part of me, as this particular aspect of their culture remains to be utilized today. Alignments are very powerful indeed and can serve to ease our existence in many ways. So these ways, then, are what I will use when building my home here in New Mexico.

But ultimately, I was more comfortable speaking with the higher authority that sent the ancients here in the first place. He became a friend to me during these times. A gracious, calm, wise, and ancient being himself, we had many conversations. Ultimately, he released me to continue on somewhere else. Saying that I was always welcome at the sites, he encouraged me to simply visit them, commune with the inhabitants there, and to forgo learning anymore about their ways. I was simply to visit, have fun, enjoy, and relax.

We are now vibrating beyond the level of the ancients. We have surpassed them. Although there are always high vibrating things from the past to be brought forth into the future, we are meant to create fresh and new, the New Earth of our choosing.

Because of the plan of the Shift of the Ages, we are being given infinite choices as to what the New Earth will look like. It is entirely up to us, as we are the ones experiencing the ascension process while in physical form on the earth, and we are then, the ultimate creators.

As each and every one of us participating in the Shift of the Ages is a representative from our home or star, we are thus very connected to our star families. And this brings us to another level and very interesting scenario relating to the Star Beings.

Some of our star families are more evolved and vibrate higher than others. A highly evolved being vibrates similarly to our new vibrations as the angels of the earth. So then, higher vibrating Star Beings will not tell you what to do, order you around, ask you to do something for them, or set up situations that benefit them and are detrimental to you. They will not meddle, give you unsolicited advice, arrive in your space uninvited, or the like.

I disconnected from my star family many years ago. I did not like the way I felt when they spoke to me, I felt I was being utilized by opportunists, and I felt they were unnecessarily harsh, rude, and disrespectful. There are some Star Beings that need to clear up damage that they incurred here on the earth in times past. And they want their off-shoots or representatives to do this for them. They are trying to clear their energy so that they can move forward. They have a distinct agenda. I am sure there are other lower vibrating reasons for utilizing human beings as well, but I choose not to go there or even have this information in my space.

Other Star Beings are stuck in the past and have completely missed the boat. They do not seem to be aware that we are undergoing an ascension process, that we are creating a very new planet Earth, and they are thus trapped in a merry-go-round relating to their agendas from some lower vibrating reality. We tried to bring everyone together here for this Shift of the Ages, and at times things can unfold in a variety of ways indeed…but these are the old ways. Although they need to clear their energies before they can move on, it is best that they do it with a fully consenting and willing human being who is joyful about doing their bidding.

Those of us who experienced challenges and darker energies earlier in our lives as mentioned previously in this book, almost always have boundary issues. This is very common and to be expected…and this is yet another challenge of those bearing the most light. But if we have taken responsibility for our healing, chosen to look inside of ourselves and be brave enough to see what is there, and are willing to know and accept what healthy boundaries are all about, our process with any outside energies will be much more of a pleasant experience.

We will attract in the non-physical world the same things we attract in the physical world. So although we may think that we have evolved and expanded because we can now easily connect to the non-physical world, if we are not yet ready and healthy within, we will have some strange and unpleasant experiences indeed, and may not even be aware of what is occurring. This is why a stepping stone process is so vitally important; and this is also why the New Age community gets a well earned bad rap at times. Many have simply not yet matured into their area of interest and are thus, mis-managing, mis-handling, and utilizing their newfound knowledge in inappropriate and immature ways.

In regard to boundaries, it is not the best possible scenario to allow just anything into our spaces. We have a right to say “no.” We need not be nice, or even believe or buy into what has arrived in our spaces just because it is of the non-physical world. It is always best to use our good judgment. If something does not feel good, right, or seems awry, we can simply say, “No thank you.” My rule of thumb relates to assessing if I am being considered, respected, or empowered. Some might say that the non-physicals simply do not understand as they are not in human form, but I say that is a very lame excuse provided by a lower vibrating being.

So then, many times we are vibrating beyond our star families. We have outgrown them. And many times we are vibrating beyond many of the non-physical beings in which we come into contact. But this is perfectly OK and very natural for a very specific reason.

If one were to speak to Archangel Michael, for instance, one might receive a message in one form or another. Another individual might speak to Archangel Michael and receive yet another. In long times past, when I used to read the material of others, I was always amazed, for instance, at all the astrological references Archangel Michael made for one individual but not for another.

When we are communicating with and connecting to a non-physical being, we are actually connecting to an aspect of ourselves. So then, we are only speaking to ourselves. Most of us may not be ready to accept the higher vibrating, wise, and wonderful aspects of ourselves, so we subconsciously choose to place them outside of us. But we would not be connecting to them at all if they were not a part of us. We simply are not ready yet to accept the fact that we are incredibly awesome and wise, so we attribute these traits to another. Thus, in our lower vibrating 3D minds, we make up a story or a scenario that we can wrap our minds around, as this can at times, be easier to digest.

The ascension process and plan was described at the beginning of this book. And included within this description was the fact that we are all one…that we embodied each and every manifestation of energy at some point. Thus, we are the non-physical beings as well. As we begin to expand and grow, or to vibrate higher, we then surpass the aspects of ourselves that are vibrating lower. In this way, when we reach new plateaus of expansion, we almost always receive and connect to very new “guides” in the non-physical. These new guides are again, simply aspects of ourselves that we are now a better match for, and being that we place them outside of ourselves, can connect to with more ease, trust, and companionship.

The more we evolve, the less we depend upon information outside of us. A higher vibrating guide will usually disappear when we are in distress. This is because we are being encouraged to find our answers within. A higher vibrating guide does not want us to become dependent upon it. There have been many times in my life when I called out to my non-physical companion and he seemed to be behind an energetic wall. He would tell me that he was not “allowed” to come into my space. Although he seemed so very far away, I understood what was occurring, and ultimately was grateful for it.

In our beginning stages of spiritual evolution, we can greatly benefit from information from outside sources (as long as we do not become dependent upon them). In the same vein, we can also benefit from assists as well. Divination card decks, readings from those who can see what we may not, and most certainly advice from the non-physicals. In these cases, we are only being validated for what we already know at some level.

In regard to assists with our healing, they can be greatly beneficial in the beginning stages as well. Until we come to a point where we are vibrating high enough that we rarely become ill or out of balance, or when we have not yet reached a level where we know how to rebalance ourselves very naturally, assistance with healing and rebalancing can be very necessary and certainly helpful.

But once we evolve beyond these supports, connecting with them will only serve to bring us down into a lower vibrating space. You will know when you have reached this new plateau in your evolutionary process, as receiving a healing or adjustment will feel downright awful, and not because you are releasing. It will feel as if you are reactivating something that has been dormant and no longer fits you, it will feel very “off” or strange, it will feel dense and as if you have dropped lower somehow, and you will feel even more out of balance than when you began.

So then, I will say to you that the more we evolve, the less we connect to, speak with, and commune with the non-physical world in ways of the past. This is because we are becoming non-physical ourselves…we are becoming what it was that we used to depend upon in the past…we are becoming the angels of the earth. And ultimately, we will evolve beyond any and all non-physical beings in this universe. It is then that we will be ready to begin a brand new journey in a brand new and more highly vibrating universe where we have yet to travel.

After we begin to understand and become comfortable connecting with the Star Beings, we will find a new and higher vibrating relationship with them. We were meant to be the ultimate creators of this New Planet Earth. We were meant to create it in the ways of our choosing…not then, in the ways that some Star Beings are attempting to place upon us that existed in the old 3D reality. In this way, a highly vibrating Star Being will wait to be asked. They know that this is our game. They know that although we are aspects of them, we are the ones here in form at this time, experiencing this amazing and challenging ascension process. They know that we are evolving for them as well. And they know and remember the plan that says it is up to those of us who are here on the planet to choose what we will create.

What if you are one who has never connected to a Star Being or anything from the non-physical world? Is there something wrong with you? If you do not want to, you certainly don’t have to, and thus, you probably won’t. I have been this way since I was born, so this is the only way of being I have known in this lifetime. But what if you are ready and willing to begin a connection and you have not had an experience like this before?

This book was not intended to give a detailed lesson on connecting to the non-physical world, but I know there are assuredly many wonderful teachers and programs out there that can provide this service. For our purposes here, know that we all have this ability within us. All of us have a muscle that can be developed with practice and with use. If you are willing to begin a connection, all you need do is to be open and willing. Ask that a higher vibrating being show its’ presence to you in a way that you will recognize. We are all different, and thus, we receive information and much of anything else in a way that is specific to us. In this way, some of us may hear, others may see, and yet others may simply sense. There is always the way of connecting through writing as well.

The angel community is a wonderful arena to start with. They always vibrate high and are a joy to communicate with. When my new twin grandbabies were born prematurely in June of 2008, they were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for many weeks. In a panic, my daughter asked that I dispatch some angels to watch over them, but this was not necessary. It was not necessary because when I looked into the hospital, there were wall to wall angels everywhere! I have never seen so many angels in one place at one time. It was a sight to behold and brought me to tears. Our angels are so incredibly loving, non-judgmental, always willing to serve, and so very gentle. I just love the angels!

As we begin living in communities that vibrate higher, a part of this way of living involves regular communication with the Star Beings. We are all one in this universe, and having an on-going connection and welcome mat with other life forms will be a normal part of our existence. The ancients lived in this way as well. They provided beacons at their sites for connecting and were very aware that they were not the only ones around.

Do we have to live in this way? What if each and every one of us has a different vision of a higher vibrating reality? Then what?
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