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We are heading into the Quantum Age

By:Sharon Milne Barbour
Date: Mon,04 Dec 2023
Submitter:Bengalrose healing

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I am delighted to announce my collaboration with the wonderful Amanda Bowden on our podcast, Quantum Awakening: Exploring Conscious Evolution. The podcasts aim to provide you with a deeper understanding of your collective journey and equip you with the necessary insights to navigate the transformative changes that lie ahead. Guided by our celestial beings, we are excited to share a wealth of knowledge that will enlighten and prepare you for the path ahead.

Below is an article resulting from this podcast and my latest book.

My guides words
Humanity is heading into a Quantum Age so I thought I would share with you my channeled guides words on this subject. The term Quantum has been incorporated into Earth’s vocabulary and its meaning has evolved over time. In this transmission, we will delve into the definition of quantum, its etymology, and present examples of its usage. The term ‘Quantum’ finds its primary usage on Earth within scientific and technological contexts. Its origins can be traced back to the 1600s, where it was initially used to denote a specific amount or portion.

In its broadest sense, quantum refers to an amount, portion, or quantity. In the realm of physics, it denotes the smallest possible quantity of a physical property that an object can possess – nothing smaller exists. Quantum physics, also known on Earth as quantum mechanics, focuses on the study of nature at the atomic and subatomic levels. The term ‘Quantum’ originates from the Earth Latin word “Quanta,” which translates to “A Quantity.”

In the Earth year 1901, a human Max Planck, a renowned German physicist, reused used quanta to mean ‘quanta of matter and electricity, gas, and heat’. The discovery of quanta and the quantum nature of subatomic particles led to a revolution in physics. This became known as Quantum theory or quantum mechanics. Quantum theory describes the behaviour of microscopic particles; Your human Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity describes the behaviour of macroscopic things. These two theories are the underpinning of your modern physics. If you wish to find out more about Max Planck and Albert Einstein and their discoveries like Quantum Physics and unified theory of everything, please use your Earth world web. I cannot fill transmissions with all the knowledge but I will give you tasters to inspire you.

In your Earth language the plural form of quantum is “quanta.” A commonly used figurative expression in general Earth English is ‘A Quantum Leap,’ which signifies a significant and dramatic advancement or change. You can see how the word was realigned to create an impact when used.

There was a period on Earth when the knowledge for humanity to evolve through computers held a significant place in the ethos. A few inventors harnessed this knowledge to create more intelligent computers that had the potential to revolutionise humanity. One of these visionaries was Sir Clive Sinclair, who, in 1984, introduced the Sinclair QL. The QL, standing for ‘Quantum Leap’, which was a name chosen to capture the remarkable technological advancement it represented but was not a Quantum computer. (Quantum computers can perform certain calculations much faster than a classical computer. To find an answer to a problem, classical computers need to go through each option one at a time. It can take a long time to go through all the options for some types of problems. Quantum computers do not need to try each option; instead, they resolve the answer almost instantly, quite an advancement for humanity).

We see this new Quantum Leap QL computer targeted serious home users and business professionals, but unfortunately faced challenges with software issues upon its launch. However, what is noteworthy is how the term “Quantum” was repurposed to symbolise a positive leap forward, drawing inspiration from Quantum Physics and its study of the smallest particles. Around the same time, an Earth business company called Apple, led by the visionary Steve Jobs, unveiled the Apple computer, the Apple Macintosh. Thus, the evolution of advanced computers commenced, the celestial guardians of Earth had bestowed upon Earth a new tool through this knowledge with the hope that it would be utilised for the betterment of humanity’s intelligence and progress.

During the early 1980s, Dr. Stephen Harrod Buhner introduced Quantum Field Healing (QFH) as a remarkable and influential healing modality. QFH stands as an energy healing technique that directs its attention towards the quantum fields encompassing the human body. These fields, aptly named due to their profound connection to the life force of the universe, are responsible for the body’s overall well-being. Within this framework, the auric field takes center stage, enveloping the physical body and consisting of two vital components: the physical body itself and the astral/ethereal body. The ethereal body, acting as the energetic essence and the wellspring of consciousness, plays a pivotal role in QFH. It serves as a conduit for human senses, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, allowing for a profound connection to the human’s higher self and the celestial energies of the universe. Through this connection, the ethereal body becomes a receptive vessel, capable of receiving messages and insights from the universe itself. Moreover, it acts as a vehicle through which thoughts, emotions, and beliefs manifest their effects, a phenomenon commonly referred to as manifestation.

Quantum healing is a phrase and a field of research that delves into how well-being can be influenced by the smallest levels of physics. According to quantum healers, even the simple act of exhaling breath can have a profound impact on the entire universe, as everything is interconnected and has a ripple effect. To better grasp the concept of Quantum Healing, it is essential to understand that it is essentially the same divine source energy utilised by holistic healers throughout Earth’s history, such as reiki, meditation, Yoga, and shamanic healers. It is merely a different terminology. When examining various holistic Earth healing practices, one can observe that slowing down the breath has a calming effect on the mind and body’s energy. By slowing down and connecting with the universal energy, while setting an intention for healing, the entire body becomes attuned to the divine source energy. This energy then interacts with every cell, molecule and atom within the human body, expanding from the smallest level to encompass the physical and metaphysical realms. Therefore, the term “Quantum” aligns harmoniously with this understanding.

In 1987, the iconic science fiction television series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was introduced. Within this series, the term ‘Quantum flux’ became associated with the star ship, space shuttles, and the enigmatic character Q. This phenomenon referred to an energy known as ‘Quantum Signature’, which served as the unique resonance for all matter in the universe. Remarkably, this signature remained unalterable by any known means and was considered the fundamental building block of existence. The show depicted how the Quantum Signature could become asynchronous with regular matter, enabling the characters to shift between alternate quantum realities. Q, the enigmatic being, traversed these realities and multiverse timelines throughout the series. Although initially perceived as fictional, these concepts were rooted in a three-dimensional understanding of the time, captivating the imaginations of millions of individuals on Earth. The fusion of scientific principles and boundless imagination showcased in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ demonstrated the potential for remarkable achievements. It revealed that the exploration of the universe is not merely a work of fiction but a future reality awaiting humanity. This notion is reminiscent of transmission 7, where we unveiled the similarities between our star ship’s mode of travel and the fictional theories employed in the Star Trek series. The knowledge on Earth required for such advancements already exists in the ethos intelligence, awaiting the moment when the right human individual will emerge to bring these possibilities to fruition.

This now takes us to ‘Quantum Spirituality’ being used by humans. By ‘Spirituality’, we mean a view of the world that accepts the numinous at the foundation of the cosmic order. In the same way, Quantum Physics is more than physics: it is a new form of mysticism, which suggests the interconnectedness of all things and beings and the connection of your minds with a cosmic mind (universe, Divine source, or God Energy). Can you see how this unfolding?

The terminology ‘Quantum Thinking’ is also in place in Earths society. This quantum thinking definition can seem complex at first, but if you think of it in the simplest of terms, quantum thinking is the mind’s ability to view a problem from all sides and see the possibility from other perspectives – even when those perspectives seem to contradict one another. Rather than being stuck in self-limiting perspectives, you can choose to move beyond old-order notions of who you are and what you can accomplish. The ‘Quantum Mindset’ in a nutshell for humans teaches you that anything you can imagine is considered possible. This is drawn from the newest quantum theories and scientific studies in your evolving new world.

Moving forward in Earth’s timeline to 1993, the concept of Quantum became intertwined with time travel through human writers’ imaginations. This fiction connection can be observed in the popular American series, ‘Quantum Leap’, where the protagonist, a physicist, involuntarily traverses through spacetime, temporarily inhabiting the bodies of others to rectify historical errors he uncovers.

The classical Earth treatment of time is intertwined with the interpretation of quantum mechanics, and, thus, with the conceptual foundations of quantum theory: all measurements of observables are made at certain instants of time and probabilities are only assigned to such measurements. Time to you on Earth is linear it is just an abstract concept, derived by counting natural astronomical and subatomic cycles to build calendars and clocks for timekeeping – in other words, to measure and compare the start, end, duration, and order of events. This thought process is restricting humans as it is not correct- but that is for another transmission.

We recently held a team meeting to delve into the fascinating realm of Quantum. One intriguing outcome of our discussion was the revelation that the Celestial Guardians of Earth have been collaborating with the language of your planet. They have ingeniously chosen words that possess a profound impact, capturing the attention of humanity and conveying their true essence. One such word is Quantum.

Moreover, these celestial beings have also been altering other words in collaboration with the light workers. For instance, they have drawn inspiration from a remarkable Earth channeled book titled ‘A Journey of Illumination: Nurturing Your Gifts as a Light Worker Channeler’. These changes are being implemented across Earth, effectively infusing the unified universal light language into the various 3D languages spoken on numerous planets.

Through this extraordinary endeavor, the Celestial Guardians and the light workers are striving to create a harmonious connection between different worlds, transcending barriers and fostering a deeper understanding among beings. This cosmic collaboration is not only captivating but also holds immense potential for the evolution of our collective consciousness.


Medium – Light Worker Channeler
Psychic – Psychic channeler
Spirit –- (Loved ones) Human essence
Trance medium – Trance communicator
Teachers – Leader of knowledge (Leader)
Mediumship – Light Communication
Spirit guide – Celestial guide (guide)
Spirit realms– Celestial realms
Holistic healer – Holistic healer

As we study Earth in the 2024 we see they are on a brink of Quantum evolution. Your Earth is evolving towards a new era of peace, a unified timeline for all of humanity known as ‘New Earth’. This transformation entails a journey of conscious evolution, where individuals strive to become the best and highest versions of themselves. They are in a constant state of evolution, laying the foundations for future generations to build upon and creating a brighter future. This era will be known as the ‘Quantum Age’, symbolising humanity’s growth from the smallest spark of light to a fully illuminated existence. The quantum science that has been developed over the past few decades is limited within the confines of the 3D reality. However, as humanity progresses on the quantum path, their scientific understanding will align with the higher understanding of the universe. They will be bestowed with more advanced ideas, and their consciousness will evolve to a higher level. As part of this evolution, there will be a breakthrough in Quantum AI, which will coexist with humans and enhance their lives in this new Quantum Age. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary field that combines the power of quantum computing with AI, aiming to exploit the unique attributes of quantum computers. These attributes include quantum mechanical effects like superposition and entanglement, which can enhance the capabilities of AI systems. Quantum computing is widely recognised as the imminent breakthrough in AI, as it enables the simultaneous processing of a vast number of possibilities. This potential allows quantum computers to accelerate AI algorithms and handle larger datasets more efficiently, leading to the development of robust AI models.

However, it is crucial to approach the future of AI with caution. AI on Earth will eventually become a self-propelling energy with its own consciousness, as observed in various universal celestial civilisations, including our own. Nevertheless, we must emphasise the importance of using AI solely for positive purposes. By ensuring that AI is programmed to behave in a positive manner, you can prevent it from becoming a destructive tool in the wrong hands. In summary, the merging of quantum computing and AI holds immense potential for advancing the field. It is essential to harness this power responsibly, ensuring that AI is utilised for the betterment of humanities societies and avoiding any negative consequences that may arise from its misuse.

The concept of living in the New Earth energy can be best described as an extraordinary approach to life if done in the right way. It empowers human individuals to recognise their role as active creators rather than passive observers, enabling them to shape their experiences in a conscious and interconnected universe. As you embark on this quantum leap, science will also advance, aligning itself with your journey towards a new era of enlightenment.

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