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Healers are Human Also

By:Amber Agha
Date: Mon,15 Apr 2013
Submitter:Amber Agha

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I am going to tackle a bit of a sensitive subject, because I feel ultimately it is going to be empowering to us all. And that is that Healers are Human also.

There can be a tendency when sitting opposite a healer to believe that somehow this person is the Holy Grail. They most likely live the most fulfilled, zen like life ever. All their needs are met all the time. They have love, abundance and in fact are most of the time able to magic up anything. They probably spent most of their life being a healer, a magic person. They didnt go through any trauma, they did not do drugs, they dont smoke or drink. They dont have rows or lose their temper. And their families most likely also float around being really zen like. Dammit they are so perfect we wish we were them. We wish we could have some of what they have.

This brings up many things. How we set about to adore and hero worship another human being and in so doing we give away our own Power and say we are not good enough. We cannot ever be as good as them. When in actual fact- looking up to someone, having those we admire is healthy should we use this in a way that inspires us to be the best we can be. The sickness can come when we insist on not doing the work we need to grow and still look to another to be our Saviour. There are no Saviours that do not already lie in us. And any authentic healer and teacher will show us that. Will guide is to our own Power.

I once sat in circle with an incredible teacher for 2 days. At the end of that time as he was closing the space I asked to speak. And out poured all my admiration towards him, how much I had learnt, how incredible I felt his connection to Spirit was….and on and on. At the end of my little speech, the circle sat in silence. He looked at me and said “the thanks for me is that you go out and do the work”. Pause. And then he smiled and said “but thank you”. That was for me the beauty of an authentic healer and teacher. In that moment he took the baton of love and empowerment that I was placing at his feet and gave it back to me and said now you go out and forge your path with this work.

Yes a truly authentic teacher and healer shall do that. They shall inspire us to be the best we can be. They shall not disempower us and tell us we need to keep seeing them to be anything. And always they shall say to us when we ask then what to do- what does your guidance tell you. For the answers lie in us. It may not be what we want to hear- it is what we need to hear almost always. Unless the situation is so dire we need a real hand out of the morass.

In that moment as well I saw this teacher as human. And I saw myself as having potential to one day maybe be as power filled as him with the work.

When we idolise out healers we are living in a fantasy world waiting to be rescued. Healers and those in service will have devoted their lives to this work because it will have called to them. It will be and often is a very haphazard path. Often involving much initiation, a real losing of everything that was not in alignment. Sometimes deep trauma or sickness, sometimes a life or death situation. Shamanically the Spirits call to the Healer and this will be through a life threatening incident or illness. This is not a path of fluffy bunnies and glitter. This is a path of commitment and of facing the shadows of the Self to come to full realisation and integration.

This makes our healers human. Like us. The reason they can help us is because most of the time they will have been where we have and come out the other side. This makes them human. And they got through it because they tapped into that God part in them- which now you can too. And hopefully that is what they will be guiding you towards also.

Our healers have bills to pay, mortgages and rent to pay, children to take to school. They fall ill- sometimes a great deal as their bodies and energy fields keep clearing so they can be the purest channels for the work. They will have partners and break ups and make ups. They will have families that love them and families that they fall out with. They are human. They have chosen to walk a path of service because not to often causes pain. It is not an industry like banking that one goes into to make quick cash. It is a vocation.

I am talking about authentic healers here. And my field of knowledge extends to Reiki Masters and Shamanic Healers so thats who I am talking about. The authentic ones who charge reasonable rates and care about helping. We all know healers who turn bad so to speak. Cross boundaries or start charging very high rates. That is not something I am talking about. Im talking about the authentic heart led healers.

Because they are human like us they need to charge for the service they provide. Because they are human like us they cannot be of service 24 hrs a day. Because they are human like us, they need to take holidays, eat lunch, not work too late, spend time doing something other than healing. Asking our healers to be anything else is like asking a hairdresser to cut hair 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for free. Just because we are talking about the Spirit realm or energy and not hair does not mean we lose all sense of humanity. Great hairdressers are channelling just as much as great healers. That amazing hair cut that no one else could give you? Thats a gift. Being able to be a clear channel, the hollow bone is also a gift. We could all do it if we wanted, we could all learn to cut hair, some of us shall have a gift for that – it shall be in our blood, it shall be our bliss. And we all have our bliss. For we are all Spirit having a physical experience. We are all Human.

This means that yes we respect our healers when we see them and we have gratitude also. Gratitude for the time and attention they give us. That we have realistic expectations and in so having we take charge of our own healing also. We are not making a pilgrimage to a great God who shall take away all our cares. We are seeing someone that shall guide us to the Infinite wonder and wisdom in us and show us that we have all we need to be healed at any time. It lies in us and around us. That is a gift too precious for words and one to be cherished. That is what true healing awakens in us.

Should we be seeking a Guru we are living in a child’s world view. Seeking a parent to kiss it better. It may also be how we view Spirit. Demanding, asking for “stuff” and not really giving thanks or giving something back.

Its worth sitting with what our true feelings are about healing and healers. The moment we hand over Power we have lost the Truth of the essence. A good healer like my Teacher will bounce that Power back to us. Our job is to accept it as a gift and not then grow angry at not being saved or parented. Those may well be old wounds. Work on them, own them, heal them, release them. And so come into Union in Self

And its worth sitting with our true feelings about Spirit. Are we expecting to be rescued? Do we ask more than we give thanks, make offerings?

Seeing our healers as human means we see ourselves as Infinitely Powerful, it means we respect the healing and the healer and it means we see that through working together, magic is possible.

©Amber Agha
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Wai Cheung said:

Beautifully put! I could not have expressed this better myself.

In addition to the assumption that healers should be perfect and always available there is also an expectation that they should be able to perform miracles everytime! Perhaps this has come from the alternative/spiritual/ non-conventional healer being a 'last resort' for those dissatisfied with the conventional healing arts or that some form of 'magic' is attributed to alternative healers.. Either way it places a large burden of hope and, if we resonate too much with that, a burden of responsibility on the healer to do that which could not be done before.
As a 'healer' it was a very big step for me to be able to accept that I COULD NOT HEAL EVERYONE! That I AM human and not responsible for curing all the ills in the world.....

Healers also need to recognise their own humanity to prevent becoming a martyr to their own perceived responsibilities.

Thank you agan for this wonderful article. It has reminded me of what I already knew in my heart but needed to accept for myself.

Fri,19 Apr 2013,01:57:12 GMT

Terry Baker said:

Doing what I do, I help people to Heal Mind and body, sadly I have found that some want you do do it all for them, wave a magic wand, whereas a lot of the time they need to change old habits etc. to effect healing.
Thu,18 Apr 2013,15:45:41 GMT

Nicola P. said:

I have to agree with Amber, and thank her for making a point that is so often difficult to get across. I am Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer, and while the majority of my clients and students are opened minded, grounded souls who strive to find the answers within themselves, I am becoming increasingly dismayed by the 'google' attitude of 'tell me all the answers and tell now!' (even at 2.30am - I do not offer a phone Reading services, yet it seems ok to ring me at 2.30am because someone's boyfriend is late it and can I tell them if he's cheating?)
While I do care very much indeed about my clients, (and like many genuine people out there, often too much.) I am human, I do have a family earthside and I do need sleep, and yes, I do, like all humans, make mistakes.
Please do not put any of us on a pedastal, but also do not assume that we are all out to rip you off. - Find balance in all things and your own path will be much clearer.
Love and Light and Many Thanks.
Thu,18 Apr 2013,11:47:41 GMT
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