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Schools of the Three Magics Ascension Ancient Mysteries Revealed

By:Theresa J Thurmond Morris
Date: Sat,26 Feb 2011
Submitter:TJ Morris

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There is a parable that comes from our Ancient Ancestors.
Noun 1. Amon-Ra - Egyptian sun god; supreme god of the universe in whom Amen and Ra were merged; principal deity during Theban supremacyAmen-Ra, Amun Ra

We are they who are the Philosophical Sciences such as those of the old school called the original “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge.”

We use some of the original foundations passed down in our Secret Societies that have been kept in the most ancient of records with the influence and translations passed down from the Akasa or Hall of Records of which at one time were said to all be kept in the Library of Alexandria.

The History of Magick was the Mother of all as in Art and Science. The Sciences, which we know of today once, came from the Mystics and Magicians who also thought of and about the Alchemy of Nature.

All Magick comes from our thoughts of what exist in the Ethereal as well as what we can conjure up ourselves in the Material world. Most of what humankind has studied has been already perceived b the over soul and over self-image of the natural world. We who are the receivers and are to inherit the future are all to be made aware of those who came before us as from the heavens came.

Therefore, we who are the Grand Masters of this universal perception and world of natural images have conceived the books that have our written testimonies, memories, and stories as essays. Some are written passages of our well-known ancient Mystics and Philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, Pythagoras and many others who have lead us into the world of which we now are conceived.

Those who desire to study with those who have become the Ascended Masters in the Ascension Center Enlightenment Metaphysical Institute of the Occult Wisdoms will be considered initiates and Neophytes in the schools of the 22 and 33. There are various levels as was once taught among the ancients of the Rosicrucian Schools of the Original Order of the Rose both Red, and Yellow. There is much to learn about the Magick of what is in the past 20th Century was called Magic. The miracles of making the world a better place to exist for all is the moral of the tone that is set in magic. We all have our two sides of our ethos as good and evil or positive and negative and yet there is the middle ground of what is the center and parallel universal order of all that remains to be shared in this dimension.

The Magi that was once in charge of all matter and nature that dealt with the Star People as the Grand Masters of influence that included the teachings of all the ancient degrees and magical numbers and rhymes also dealt with trigonometry and pi as 3.142159. And so on and so forth. We can carry this Magick as far as we desire to go such as.


We who are the Keepers of the Flame for those above as the God and Goddesses of the eternal light are called to reclaim the truths of our forefathers who decided to enter the Halls of Wisdom in another place in another time. These Halls of Wisdom were ruled by those who are called upon to surrender their will to the higher power that we call that of the Father of Noah and all those who came before that which was the heritage of the religions of the world that include Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, and all other practiced religions of the world. Magick has nothing to do with any type of religions of the world although many will believe that there is some type of magic involved due to the ancient Magi of the ancient civilizations.

Be forewarned that the colors of the Magick of the world has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, origins of humankind, of Kinds and Kings of the former ancient civilizations but rather those who were first chosen as the original MAGI who were chosen to serve the Gods of the Most High as the Sky People who from the Heavens came.

Those who were the three Original Magi of the Father’s of Noah are whom many still speak of today. One was who walked forward and was called Black, the Second was one who stepped sideways and was called the Yellow, and the Third was called White who stepped back. Each Magi was aware of the other two and the power of three and therefore the number 3 of this universe is always considered that of the Original Pi or three. Therefore, the original beginning of all creations of the energy that we began in MAGICK came from the original pyramid builders who came of the Knowledge to build as the Master Builders using.

The Initial Wisdom of Those who from the Heavens Came was first viewed by the original Three (3) Magi as once again was seen in the story of the birth of the Christ Child with the repeat of the story in the history of the three Wise Men.

However, this original Parable Story was in a Vision and captures for its own purpose the convenience of Scripture which has been studied by some of the Greatest Masters of the Sangreal and He heard a voice saying and the Vision was Cast Down upon those who were of the sentient intelligent beings who were the wisest of the wise of humankind in the land of the ancient kings saying:

In addition, a voice cries in the wilderness: Curser is he that shall uncover the nakedness of the Most High, for he is drunk upon the wine that is the blood of the Adepts. Moreover, BABALON hath lulled him to sleep upon her breast, she hath fled away, and left him naked, and she hath called her children together saying: Come up with me, and let us make mock of the nakedness of the Most High.

In addition, the first of the adepts covered His shame with a cloth, walking backwards, and was White.

In addition, the second of the Adepts covered His shame with a cloth, walking sideways, and was Yellow.

In addition, the third of the Adepts made a mock of His nakedness, walking forwards, and was black.

In addition, these are the three great schools of the Magi, who are also the three Magi that journeyed unto Bethlehem; and because thou hast not wisdom, thou shalt not know which school prevailed, or if the three schools were not one…

Therefore, we have the three MAGI and Schools, which were to become the three favors of the Philosophical Followers who were that of the Black who mocked, that of the Yellow who walked sideways, and that of the White which walked backwards. The Three have all become known throughout time as the three MAGIS who brought gifts of three types for the Messiah and Babe to become the Christ of the new energy that would be taught upon the face of the earth and what would be called the greatest Master of them All from the Lineage of those who were from the Heavens. Pure Eternal Youth came and was brought as that from the heavens came in the purest form of wisdom and knowledge as a light being.

The reader will note that the Black School is commonly called Diabolism. The thought processes of the Secret Masters that are told about by those above as the Extraterrestrials and the Sky People shall determine the destiny of our future based on the energy of the Laws of Opposites Attract and that which attracts and repels as positive and negative and yet there is the middle of what can now study as that which acts as both which is like Velcro in space. In the School of Yellow, it is said to be that of perfect elasticity. Therefore understanding that which attracts as an equal and opposite reaction is also a part of the universal order of which one exists in space as in the yellow universal order.

Yellow Magic accepts the location of the universe as the point of origin and steps aside to not agree nor repose that which is either black or white but realize that both may and must occur in the universe of the yellow. Pythagoras in the Eastern and European Philosophies are worth exponents to a degree in unison with the energy that is never positive as a + or negative as a - but stands alone on the memory board as the point of Origin as O.

X 3. Here is a Mystery of the World a Virtue.

It created all and nourished all; yet if doth not adhere to them; it operated at will and operated all; but knoweth not of it’ nor proclaimed it; it directed all, but without conscious control. That is that of the unwilling Lord of Light and Space, which has no translation in matter and time on earth.

The Black Original School is not one of color or of sorcery but of the original Buddha that everything is Sorrow. Black is the opposite of the Chinese color of white as in mourning. The cessation of sorrow is to obtain the Nothingness of all that is which is not sorrow if sorrow is like the Sin of the world which is the opposite of that which is not sorrow as happiness and one is cleansed with the White of the good and the right as in white which is not the meaning at all of the black or white not as in the colors that we wash our charisma and Karma with to ensure the cleansing of our spiritual souls while in the Akasha. The Second known cause of the School of the Black Magick is that of Desire which is known of the Buddha and the Second Noble Truth of Buddha. Therefore, what was studied in the Black School of the Arts and Sciences of all the Buddha translations is that which causes sorrow in the universe is desire. Therefore all that is of the Black School of the Arts and Sciences of Alchemy and Magick was thought to be ruled by the one who steps forward and mocks that which is the Almighty which has been done in by the universal order of the opposite energy as the peace that came over the male as the female as in the Yin and Yang. Therefore, that which is the old school combination

of what is studied of the Black School is found wanting which passes out the sorrow of desire, which could be said as seen in this world as material and greed for power, and of material things. It is said that how is it that all ills of the world as can be seen and felt with the séance of spirit can only be seen with the senses and the naked eyes as truth but are simply an illusion created by those who are of the material ways to create the ego of that which can be created and mocked as the original sin and the original knowledge that has been created by those who began this universe with those of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge but of the Tree of one could not eat or surely become as the Gods who brought those to this universal order of material worlds and terra formed the earth.

Zoroaster teaches us this therefore, “Nature teaches us, and the Oracles also affirm, that even the evil germs of Matter may alike become useful and good. Stay not on the precipice with the dross of Matter; for there is a place for thine Image in a realm ever splendid. OF thou existence the Fiery Mind to the work of piety, thou wilt preserve the flexible body:

The Schools that are of Levant, Athens, Byzantium Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Cairo was the formation of this first White School that eventually lead us to the days of Augustus Caesar and that which followed. The Gnostics and the Asiatic God was that which was similar to the Ancient Occult Schools of Wisdom used in the formulation of what was later called Christianity and was the son and baby of what was once the great Magi who served King Solomon. To define the White School, which is the opposite of Pure Sorrow of the Black, is that of the Pure Joy and the Black School of all is the failure to perceive this as Fact. Existence of the Pure School of the White is this life as an existence, which is a sacrament, which is sacred. To live a life is to desire to be of pure joy and knowledge of that which comes form within and is supplied with all the needs that are required without as pure joy and not out of greed and desire which is pure sorrow. Therefore, one who does not desire does not desire sorrow. Those who actually desire to be initiated in to the School of Pure White should study the Sacred Books of Thelema.

Nature is a fatal and evil force to be reckoned with as we live and breath therefore that which is in nature must be that of the sorrow of life that is imposed on us as a physical bond to that which is pure knowledge of the information of our spiritual essence that leads us back to our purest invention of our over self and soul that desires nothing at all but pure joy in knowing that once life could exist without the desire to live eternally and the soul would rejoice in the sorrow of life that could not live on in body-mind-spirit as pure destiny of fate that is caused by the origin of the eternal truth that to live is to exist and to exist one would create the knowledge to possess and to acquire though through the covering of the unknown of the Almighty Creation of our Original Masters of the Essence that is life its self. Therefore the male and female are united as one song in the life of all that exists as pure energy in the unfolding of our Omniverse of the Spiritual Sacred Masters of the final glory we call the Omni or ALL that once had a beginning that has no end in that which was once full of the All and one that is Desire for another that was the exact opposite of that which was created in the beginning therefore the point of Origin was God and the opposite was it’s counterpart as Goddess and the all seeing companion of the outer force as nature was that of the all seeing eye from above that which was created by the both of the outside its self which could only be called the force of nature as the universe. Therefore, that which desires to become has in it’s stead that of sorrow by way of desiring to become that of pure joy and knowledge to become that of the creator of the original male and female energy of the creation that came from the original one of the outside force created from the within.

The Pantheism of the Sufis and the closeness to the Vedantists are close but cannot retain the reality of what was once called the beginning before the Xenoverse that was the Xeno of the unknown of that which came after the beginning that was the original thought and word of what is presently called the original creation in the Omni and All. There goes this that all that is and all that will be comes from somewhere inside the O which is the Omni of this universe which exists inside the Metaverse of the Xenoverse inside the Omniverse that is still studied from within and views the outside world as that which cannot be obtained from the inside but must be viewed from the outside looking in!

Rosicrucianism is a White Magic of the Barren Cross with a Rose to Flower. “The First Matter of the Work” is to Grow. However, the inert substance is that of a neutral substance and is thought of as no substance whatever since the least thought is that which must be germinated.

In modern times of the last few centuries on earth at least since the fourteenth there was the sorrow and meaning of the cross that was kept in tact as the White Cross and the Red Rose and the Brotherhood of Both to fight the Black Dragon of Knowledge that was kept as power and greed over the forces of desire whether it be for land by entitlement or by overthrowing the powers that be as in the King of all Empires. Therefore, the Quest for power and Sin was the Wages of Death through the Power of Obtainment of Sorrow through pure greed for more than what was specifically given as gifts and blessings at the time of birth.

The Prophets of the White School has been given a sword of truth that is equal to the powers of the Excalibur in the myths and legends held in time and passed forward to all that study the metaphysical desires of knowledge and wisdom. There is a Magic Formula.

The Yellow School gives the formula of each member an Independent Ideal. This is the formula for original identity in the spiritual alchemy. That which is involved with each human and whatever nature he or she should deny ones own self. That life on earth is a given and that the joy of life must be learned eternally and shared with those who are own a spiritual journey back to the original source of all that was created.

Therefore the future that is a collective of things gone by in the past is what now we call nature and is set in the material world as thoughts that have been decided and made whole in natural formations of rock, stone, mortar, and matter.

That which is of the future that is not in the collective is of the unknown as non-material and not matter and therefore does not matter and is in the mind. Therefore, it is said, “If you don’t matter then I don’t mind, and if I don’t mind then you do not matter. Therefore, the identity of another in the outside world of what we call life is now the energy of non-desire but of nature and one must decide what matters and what is of the mind. This entails knowing the “LAW OF IT ALL MATTERS!” Therefore, we are given to the school of the White and the Yellow and achieve the domination over that of the Black and the opposites of all that exist in the matter and the mind of this material universe.

Each in a degree and level of existence is all that comes from the beginning at birth to the end of old age for most as the modern human is greeted to expect a law of accuracy of the body-mind-spirit to the full existence of the law as it is proclaimed to be created by those who are of opposites who can only become a male and female opposites to exist in the matter of yellow school thoughts of nautical nature as respect to the realm of the fluids that create the window to the soul that flows the life force up the long pathway to the ovum and sperm that is but thoughts of two. The One who is the Omni is aware of the all inside and out. There is a way to create that, which is spiritual without involving the religions and sciences as laws and nature of that which is created by humankind to exist who is inside and upon that which is nature and not known and created by humankind.

What is true and a success for nature and the laws of nature is true for humankind that exists upon the face of the earth that is a planet in the known solar system of a galaxy that is part of the known universe that exist as one of the many in the multiverse also known as the Metaverse of the unknown of the Xenoverse inside the Omniverse of the ALL.

Each being who is a sentient intelligent being must realize the nature of existence as being and to develop in the freedom that is given as nature of this world. Therefore that which is seen and accepted as the Laws of Nature can justify the past, redeem the present, and assure that life will go on in the future.

Therefore we the three (3) Schools of Nature and of Magick do guarantee that those of the original masters of our original soul creation was of liberty and love therefore that which was intended to be seen became the unknown only to be discovered in the distant future. That is the whole for all that life goes on and we should all present each soul the essence of the body-mind-spirit with that which is involved with what is in space the light of love and liberty which is possessed in everything that was created for the use of this world by all the creations of the originators who dealt the terra formed world and palatial spaces of the world in which we exist as pure thought and knowledge to be shared in the Magic of all that is the wonderment of all that was originally created to realize how to learn about the past, present, and future of what will be called the creations of the era and the eternal bliss we now call time. We now call this level of life the examination of the ethos ethnology of the experts.

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hello does u have any info regarding magic book scripture your message i read at the article tell me u have learn magics so i wan to buy the scrip
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