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The World Beyond Part 39 Caroline Larsen's visit to the White House (concluded)

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Thu,28 Oct 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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These articles contain reviews and excerpts of books which give evidence of the continuity of life between the materai world and the spirit world. For PROOF of survival each of us has to look to our own direct experience, then as in police work, we must have faith in our own observations and in the evidence. The proof, the ultimate truth, is there for us to find.

I believe that there is no complete and perfect way for science to come up with material explanations and measurements for dimensions and realities which operate on higher frequencies and lie beyond their methods and technologies of research. Even different scientists have to use different approaches in sutdying their subjects. A particle physicist is looking at a smaller area of reality than a biologist studying an animal, and a geologist examines strata of rocks formed over millions or billions of years. But when we look at the work of our early prophets and mystics and then survey mediumship over the past 300 years, and the more recent research made into the paranormal and transpersonal regions, we do have enough evidence to conclude that there certainly IS an afterlife, in the World Beyond, however we may describe and define it.

Many of the books describing and researching the work of mediums are long out of print, and some are already in the public domain, and freely available on several internet websites. If I quote from them here, it is with the purpose of demonstrating a point, or drawing attention to an area which would be difficult to discover without wading through a lot of irrelevant detail and obscure language. The intention is to lead the reader directly to descriptions and experiences of the Spirit World, and its direct influence on our own world.

New books are published almost every week by mediums and researchers, and I always mention and briefly review these too, if they are relevant to our study of Spirit. The main point and focus of these writings or readings is to emphasise the reality of the World of Spirit and of its position and function as the source and power behind our world of matter, that is, life on this planet and in the greater physical universe.

For science to try and prove the existence of the Spirit World is putting the cart before the horse. This is the same problem as asking which came first, the chicken or the egg? Like a Zen koan, there is no answer. Everything is as it should be. Eastern philosophy will say that the phenomenal world of matter is illusion, and what is real is the spirit or ground of being. In contrast, Western scince will say along the General Semantics of Alfred Korzybski, that what really IS, is the world of matter, and anything to do with the mind and spirit belongs to the region of higher abstraction. Western religion on the other hand depicts our source of being as a very real God or Creator. Neither the evidence of psychical research nor material science can prove that God exists, but psychic science and the evidence from mediums shows that there are levels of intelligence operating beyond the physical world, influencing it and bringing it into being. We can't reach far into that spirit world from here, living in our physical bodies, but we will return there after this life, and then we will understand more.

Meantime, we can stay in touch, and hopefully these articles and reviews, and the other writers' work on the Spirit Guides website and columns will help and encourage others to record their own experiences and keep the knowledge alive, a living body of information, as a travel guide, helping us reach our destination and see the far country for ourselves. The major world religions have kept alive the teachings of their prophets, and so now we need to keep adding to them what we have recorded of the work of our philosophers, mystics, mediums and healers since the 18th Century up to the present day.

Now here is the conclusion of Caroline Larsen's out-of-body visit to earthbounds haunting our world, and two former Presidents still residing in the White House.

Now let me tell you of one of the strangest incidents in all my astral wandering on earth. One of the recent Presidents had died. The whole country had taken a special interest in all the news pertaining to his death and funeral.[Either Theodore Roosevelt, who died in 1919, or Woodrow Wilson who died in 1924]. This aroused in me a strong desire to know how he might feel in the spirit body. So as soon as I left my physical body, I headed straight for the White House. Instead of immediately finding the spirit of the recently deceased President, as I had expected, to my surprise I came across the spirit of a President who had departed this life more than a hundred years ago (this must have been George Washington himself, the first President(1789-1797), who died in 1799. The other early Presidents all lived on until the 1820s or '30s].

He appeared to be a stately, aristocratic-looking personage, fastidiously dressed in the height of the fashion of the time, with knee breeches, silk stockings and buckled shoes. His elaborately embroidered wasitcoat was half concealed by a delicate lace ruche which fell from the collar of his coat. He was seated in a huge chair, cross-legged, conversing with his wife [Martha] who sat in front of him. She was also garbed in a highly fashionable attire. A long wide skirt fell from a wasp-like waist and tight-fitting bodice. Her hair was done high on her head. Her every movement was marked with the exquisite grace and refinement of the aristocrat. As I passed through the room the old President looked at me with cold hauteur, a glance of mingled annoyance and of curiosity as if he resented my intrusion and questioned my purpose. But my presence was speedily ignored by the old President and his wife, as still another spirit entered the room - that of the recently deceased President. He seemed in a perfect daze. I could judge from his stupor that he was absolutely unaware of what had actually happened to him. He seemed unable to reason or to think clearly. He evidently tried, with great effort, to collect his thoughts that he might comprehend his predicament. He could not understand why strange visitors were present without his invitation. But the tense situation did not last long, for the old President now rose slowly to his feet. Advancing a few steps, and assuming an authoritative air he placed himself directly in front of the newly arrived President. Without any display of ceremony he addressed him: "Well, I am not going so far as to order you out of here; you may stay until you find yourself, but after that you must depart." However, this abrupt greeting of the old President did not seem to ruffle the newly arrived spirit, probably because he seemed unable to understand clearly what was going on about him. After this spirit had left the apartment, the old President condescendingly confided: " I do not like this spirit and I have never liked the way in which he ran the Country." Then he turned and left the room. Sizing up the situation quickly, I realised that this spirit couple had been bound to the White House all these years and had prevented themselves from advancing simply because their minds had been and were still securely linked to that environment where they in the flesh had enjoyed so much power and glory. They were jealously regarding everything which had been and was even yet happening in that famous place. Until they develop a more idealistic conception of existence, they will remain in their old limited environment. Yet they were guilty of no great or malicious wrong; they were earthbvound simply because of their low ideals.

I might recount many more such conversations which I had with newly arrived spirits. But I think that I have presented sufficient material to give the reader a clear idea of the state of mind, of the ideals, and of the conduct of those spirits who are in the first stage of their new life.
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